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Better way of working together

Reach more people. Grow your business. Manage Boats & Customers. Boatens is a safe place for all your needs, with the tools and services you use every day.

Single workspace for seamless collaboration and delivery

You've never seen anything like it. Discover new possibilities offered by powerful yet simple and flexible tool designed specifically for the Global Boating Industry.

Boatens service for operators


Manage all your daily activities: Receive Request of Options / Bookings, Commercial, Documents, Accounting, KPI Tracking, Technical Aspects and Crew. Works with agility, simplicity and peace of mind.

Boatens service for owners


Everyone works differently. Boatens allows you to transform and visualize the information of your boats the way you want. See all the information about your boat in one place: bookings, engineering reports, documentation, KPI's, timelines and much more. Make it easy for yourself.

Boatens service for agents


Collaborate securely and effectively with all part of the business with clear vision of duties. Keep plans, reports, payments, iterations, documents and conversations connected to one task to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Boatens service for captains


Cloud-based service lets you view, manage your documents, calendar, bookings, payments and share information about your yacht portfolio. Stay exposed to all yacht representatives at your set location, allowing you to get more bookings.

Boatens service for cew


Creating and managing your professional profile and work history has never been with professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers.

Boatens service for nautical services


If you offer any kind of service related to the world of boats (cleaning, maintenance, engineering, toy rental or other boating services) we help you to connect with more clients nationally and internationally, manage jobs, receipts, invoices and payments. Make your life paperless!

Boatens is a modern boating business cloud application

Collaboration should be simple and effective. With Boatens it is. The best boating business solution for today and tomorrow, rolled-out within minutes.

Remove bottlenecks

Speed up your communication throughout booking process between all parties involved. Promptly increase your visibility on a global scale application and grow sales through prompt conversations.

Data platform

Help yourself and your team gain valuable insights over your portfolio with real-time data reproting. Customer Data can help align your organization, inspire your marketing, and better engage your customers.

Customer trust and security

Look through documents and feedback from past clients to help find the right fit for you. You’ll see approved documents and ratings on several quality dimensions.

The world’s largest boating service

Get more visibility while in exchange getting more choice of vessels which means more deals at a better price than anywhere else.

Boatens application screenshot

Powerful, yet simple

Technology makes communication easier, while organizations become more globally integrated. Don't be left out.

Boatens service desctription

The toolkit for individuals & businesses

World’s most innovative companies are scaling faster and more efficiently by building their business portfolio online to be seen on a bigger scale. Why don’t you? Start today! Boatens cautiously designed functionality helps you create the best possible network between you and your customers.

A boating platform engineered for growth

Increase optimization rates with no additional work needed. Boatens is built to take all the manual and unpleasant work out, and leave you with simple tasks. Offer your services to a global community with a fully integrated platform that can support online and in-person activities. Increase your visibility with features built to reach a global audience, manage your requests, time, services and customers conversion hassle-free.

Backed by amazing support and development team

Our mission is to standardize and increase the market value of the yachting industry online. Boatens team is creating is not only a trading or portfolio exchange website, but also a common ecosystem with everything that end-user-focused integration requires. We give you everything you need to manage your business in one place with all of the support and none of the stress. Join our team and be part of the change.


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